This is really just a post for people who make graphics/photosets

So there is a new userscript called Custom Photoset Layouts

and it does just that

You know how tumblr give you specific layouts well for this one you can create your own…sort of. You can’t use more than 10 gifs though although that’s tumblr standard

When you get it it’ll look like this


And what you do is that you put in a code of up to five digit numbers

what that does is it tells Tumblr how many rows you want and how many gifs in that row you want

For example

The code for this is 333


The code for this is 222


And these two are examples of “Non-standard” sets

The code for this is 1111 (four rows of 1 gif)


The Code for this is 22222 (5 rows of two gifs)


There is no list for the codes as it’s simple math and you just have to count. This is only useful though if you like making creative stuff idk You can go wild

It’s not necessary but nice

again this is the link [X]

how to open a gif in photoshop CS5 and 6 portable


1. file-> import-> video frames to layers


2. type in- *gif* this part is important


3. all your gif files should show up. just double click on a gif you want, then this should show up:


4. if you want the whole length of the gif, go ahead and press ok. if you only want a section click “selected range only” and hold the shift key to select the part you want

5. voilà!

a graphics tutorial masterlist →

♚ 99mockingbirds tutorials
blend & texture 1
blend & texture 1

♚ wicked-fate tutorials
20 graphics tips
basic gif

♚ mareluna3000 tutorials

gif “flash effect”
how to create an action
the tweening effect
merging two gifs
gif black out
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♚ lovephotoshop tutorials
using psds
using actions

♚ neverlands- tutorials
cutting & cropping
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♚ slayground tutorials
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using textures

♚ callmebrandon tutorials
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blur image slideshow
basic screencap
shaking gif

♚ -redux tutorials
using textures

♚ ex-posed tutorials
cutting & cropping
basic icon
adjustment layers & selective color

♚ ettudis tutorials
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blending & texture 2
blending & texture 3

♚ redcarpet&rebellion tutorials
base making
using the lasso tool
hard cutting
image preparation
graphic tips
basic blending
↳ icons one and two
↳ blending one two three four and five


favorite fonts

amatic sc | ben brown | ostrich sans | quicksand dash


Font Pack

* Contains 18 fonts, they are my personal favorites. Use them in graphics, gifs, edits, whatever you want! :D

Disclaimer: None of these fonts belong to me.

Download [.Zip]: MediaFire

template » example

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APOCALYPTOUR - Los Angeles - May 24, 2012 (1080p HD Videos)




6 Color Scheme Tools


The biggest resource community for colour palettes as well as patterns. Plus points that they spell “colour”correctly my British way.


From Adobe it pretty much works the same way as COLORlovers where you also create your own schemes or edit others accordingly.


This site is a little more interactive and fun with the 3D elements. In addition there are few fun mixing/blending options.

Color Scheme Designer

The Wheel! A great resource for creating schemes as well options for “light-er” or “dark-er” versions.


There are a few picture-to-colours applications but this is my favourite as, in my opinion, its most accurate. In addition to finding you colours from an image you’ve uploaded, it suggests other similar colour schemes from Colourlovers and Kuler. You can also download swatch files which I find useful.

Color Palette Generator (

If you’re lazy or don’t have the image on your computer, this site lets you use URL’s instead.

This is for people who are wide awake and have nothing to do. (movies)


Read More


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i realized i’ve been getting a lot of questions about what fonts i use on my gifs/edits, so i decided to make this master post of the fonts i use the most!

arsenale white ~ babydoll ~ belta ~ celeste hand ~ discover beauty ~ fangtasia ~ honey script ~ call me maybe ~ strawberry limeade ~ loremipsum ~ pacifico ~ romy ~ simply*glamorous ~ skinny ~ the only exception ~ trashhand ~ volutes ~ yummah strawberriez

how to install a font ~ questions/comments


Some of the newest additions to my collection of lovely fonts. » Click for each download link. Contribute, Fangtasia, Lobster, Ribbon, Salamandre, Zombie Checklist

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20 Free fonts pack - FORUM | BOX | MEDIAFIRE
Check out our website for more updates!

Font credits: Absinthe | Tetraa | Oh mai mai | Carton | Weston | Lavandería | Haymaker | Manteka | Silverfake | Corki | Telefono | Black&white | Kaori | Nougatine | Valentina | Metropolis | Prosto | Drop | Lorena | Pavo Royal


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